Monthly Archives: March 2016

#4 Rebecca Chow, China Market Entry Approaches

Interview with Rebecca Chow, a lawyer from Suzhou China. We cover various market entry approaches to enter the Chinese market. There is particular focus on WOFEs (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises) and key recommendations for success.


#2 Kishore Dharmarajan, Dubai Entrepreneur & Author

Interview with Kishore Dharmarajan, Dubai entrepreneur and author of Eightstorm. We cover the current business environment for entrepreneurs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and also his approach to innovation.


#1 – Jesse Ting,, Singapore

An interview with Jesse Ting, founder of Singaporean web start-up The Asia Business Investor podcast interviews Jesse about the key challenges of being an internet start-up in Singapore


Macau Entrepreneurs Showcase Their Products and Services

The Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) organised a delegation of 45 local entrepreneurs to participate in the HKTDC World SME Expo last week.

A Macau Pavilion was set up with the exhibition booths of two …